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April 1 2004
Nazis 1994, a unique 12" Abbey Road acetate pressing
Innuendo, the first picture on the net: the white vinyl test pressing which eventually became the picture disc issue
Innuendo, a clear vinyl test pressing for the UK picture disc issue
Greatest Video Hits 2, the limited slip case issue
Pain Is So Close To Pleasure, this one just came in, a 12" acetate pressing
A new section has been made! It's called News Of The World and contains info about (almost) all promotional and special items that were made for this album. A few pictures have been added as well.
Quite a few albums have been added to the Albums section. Certain common and some rare issues were still missing after all those years. They are now online, but without the sleeves. I hope to add more albums and singles in other updates.
Three MP3's are available for download this month. Nothing special I'm afraid, but these have been requested the most.

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