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November 2 2002
Sorry it's been a while since the last update, but here I am again.
Seven Seas Of Rhye, the Yugoslavian 7" issue
We Will Rock You, the promotional Sun cd-single from October
Sheer Heart Attack, the Japanese 2001 remaster CD issue
A Night At The Opera, a Turkish cassette release
News Of The World, a Turkish cassette release
Jazz, a Turkish cassette release
The Works, the French, German and Turkish cassette issues
A Kind Of Magic, the rare LP issue from Peru
The Miracle, a Turkish cassette release and the Japanese 2001 remaster CD issue
Mad: Bad: And Dangerous To Know, a German cassette issue
Blue Rock, another German cassette issue
Fun In Space, the cassette issue from the UK
Strange Frontier, another cassette issue from the UK
Greatest Video Hits 1, Queen's newest dvd release
Information has been added and updated for the Queen Anthology box sets.
There are once again three new MP3's. All are solo projects.

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