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November 1 2001
I was browsing offline through my site and noticed that a "few" sleeves were missing. So here they are:
Breakthru, front and back sleeves of the shaped picture disc issue
Scandal, the 7" single and the disc of the UK 12" etched issue
Innuendo, the sleeves of the 12" picture disc and the normal 12" issue
I'm Going Slightly Mad, the nice shaped picture disc issue, complete with sleeves
Headlong, another UK picture disc issue
Let Me Live, the sleeves of the picture disc release
Under Pressure, the back sleeve of the second 1999 CD-single issue
Driven By You, the UK CD-single issue
Back To The Light, second CD-single issue from Holland
The Amazing Spider-Man, the back sleeve of the 12" picture disc
Business, the CD-single issue
Why Don't We Try Again, the limited edition CD-single release from the UK
Nazis 1994, another UK CD-single issue and the clear 12" single
Foreign Sand, the sleeves of the 12" picture disc issue
Happiness, the back sleeve of the UK CD-single issue and the sleeves of the 12" picture disc issue
Pressure On, back sleeve of the second UK CD-single release
Greatest Hits, the Dutch cassette re-issue from 1994
Made In Heaven, added the back sleeves of the cassette and CD issues
Queen Rocks, the second CD issue with a different sleeve and a cassette issue
Greatest Hits III, the back sleeve of the UK cassette issue
Queen Dance Traxx I, front and back sleeves of the cassette issue
The Freddie Mercury Album, a cassette, normal CD and a special CD issue
Shove It, back sleeve of the Canadian cassette issue and the front sleeve of the German cassette issue
Blue Rock, the CD issue from Germany
Nihon, back sleeve of this 2CD bootleg
Many info has also been added and changed in October for the albums, singles and videos sections.
Another new section has been added to the site: interviews. It features some CD and vinyl releases that contain an interview with one or more members of Queen.
Some new items that have been added to my collection recently:
Thank God It's Christmas, the Israelian 12" issue from 1993, signed by Peter Freestone
At The Beeb, probably a world premier: the LP test pressing from the UK with a slightly different sleeve. Record Collector showed a black and white picture in their June issue, now you can see for the first time a colored picture
Flash Gordon, rare Taiwanese LP issue with a unique sleeve
The Miracle, the nice promo box set from 1989
The Miracle EP, front and back sleeves of the German VHS issue
Updated the 2002 Queen Box section again with some new tracks and some more info.
A nice and highly sought-after MP3 this month plus two others.

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