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September 1 2001
Some nice and rare sleeves this month:
Queen II, Korean re-issue LP from 1992
The Game, a very nice Argentinian cassette issue
Mr. Bad Guy, the pirate picture disc issue and a Korean LP issue
Another World, the European cassette issue
At The BBC, a Canadian CD issue
Under Pressure, the 1988 3" CD-single release
Star Fleet, the 7" issue from the UK
Time, the Argentinian 12" issue
The Great Pretender, a great Korean 12" issue
I Wanna Testify, a very rare Dutch 7" single issue
Radio, the single, by Shaky Stevens featuring Roger on drums
I also added info for the singles that I don't have a picture sleeve of yet.
Two 'new' MP3's for September. If you wanna know which ones, click here.

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