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March 1 2001
Yes I know what you are going to say: "another new design??".
The reason why I am using another new design is because I can now use some new features for my site, thanks to the server that it's currently using.
This new look is easier to use. I have decreased the number of menu options and put some things together. For instance: when you want to see an album, you immediatly see all the releases (if I can display them) including picture discs, colored vinyls etc., not just the album sleeves. This will increase the loading time a bit, but it's easier to see all the releases on one page, not scattered on many small pages.
Also new is the webboard. Use it when you want to buy or sell Queen items or when you have a question about Queen. I hope it will be a succes!
Ofcourse there are also new sleeves. This month I have added:
The Complete Works
The Ultimate Queen 20CD Box Set
The Best Of Queen from Poland
Five Live
Queen Dance Traxx I
Dragon Attack, two different issues
Passing Open Windows
Mission: Impossible 2
Red Special
Sheer Heart Attack, the UK cassette issue
News Of The World, a better scan of the front and back of the UK LP issue
The Game, the 1991 USA cassette issue
Greatest Hits, the Japanese CD re-issue
Hot Space, the USA cassette issue
The Miracle, the USA cassette issue
Innuendo, the USA cassette issue
Greatest Hits II, the Japanese CD re-issue
Made In Heaven, the UK cassette issue
Greatest Hits III, the Japanese CD issue and UK cassette issue
Furia, the Japanese CD issue
In The Beginning.., a Queen demo bootleg CD
Some videos have also been added:
Greatest Flix, the VHS video version
We Will Rock You, the VHS video version
Live In Rio, the VHS video version
Who Wants To Live Forever, the video single
Live In Budapest, German 12" laserdisc
Greatest Flix II, the VHS video edition
Live At The Rainbow, the VHS video version
Champions Of The World, the VHS video edition
Made In Heaven - The Films, another VHS video issue
Queen Rocks, the German VHS edition
The Video EP, Freddie's first video
A few single sleeves:
You're My Best Friend, the Yugoslavian issue
You Don't Fool Me, a signed UK 12" copy
Princes Of The Universe, the Dutch CD-single
Resurrection, the 12" picture disc
On My Way Up, only released in Europe
Another World, only available in Holland
And some related single sleeves:
Another One Bites The Dust, by Wyclef Jean
We Will Rock You, a cover performed by Five
I guess you will be satisfied with these sleeves untill next month :-)
As usual there's also a new MP3. This month it's a Top Of The Pops performance of 1977. Click here for more details.

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