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Released 1979 as a 7" single. Released in the UK without a picture sleeve.
A UK one sided acetate exists with a slightly shorter version (3:33 instead of 3:39) of the A-side (the introduction has been cut down to just a few words). The label has II written down, which might indicate that this is version II.
Holland, Belgium, Japan, Spain and Germany have a unique sleeve.
Belgium has the same sleeve as the Dutch issue, except for the different catalogue number.
Germany has two issues: one with the error Love Of My Live and one with the correct title Love Of My Life.

above: the A-side of the UK 7" acetate issue


above: the front and back sleeves of the Belgium 7" issue

above: the front of the Polish 7" post card issue

Single info
7" single
  Side One:
  1. Love Of My Life (Live) (Mercury)
  Side Two:
  2. Now I'm Here (Live) (May)

UK 7" acetate single
  Side One:
  1. Love Of My Life (Live) (II) (Mercury)
  Side Two:

Other notes
Thanks to Fabio Baraldini for the Polish 7" post card sleeve.

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