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Issued in 1973 just before Queen's first single. Larry Lurex was Freddie Mercury. The single also features Brian and Roger.
Released in the UK, Germany, South Africa and USA. Probably more countries, but no copies have been found yet. All countries don't have a picture sleeve, except for Germany.
The first German pressing has an error on the label saying "I Can Her Music". This was corrected in the second pressing.
Many pirate copies exist of the German issue. Most pirates have been released on colored vinyl with a blank white label.
There are also pirate copies of the UK issue. There's one with the same label as the original UK issue, except for the difference that there are no cut outs around the small center piece. The other pirate has a small sticker on the label saying "Joe Perfect".
The USA has two issues: the first one has the word REMIX on the label, the second one doesn't have it. Both are from 1973.


above: the front and back sleeves of the German 7" single and the miss-spelled label

Single info
7" single
  Side One:
  1. I Can Hear Music (Greenwich/Spector/Barry)
  Side Two:
  2. Goin' Back (Goffin/King)

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