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When you know me a little bit better you know that I'm a big fan of the artwork of Queen's album News Of The World. The album sleeve looks great with the robot and when you open the gatefold sleeve you get an even better image with people who are running away for the huge robot.
In 1977, when the album was released, several promotional items were made to promote the album. On this page I will try to list as many items as possible and include pictures whenever they are available.
When you have an item that isn't listed on this page, please send me a message! I'm also always interested in buying NOTW era items.
Click on a picture to see a bigger version.

UK items
In the UK a promotional clock was made. The top features a clock which has the NOTW LP label as the clockface, the lower part is a huge mirror which has the full album sleeve (front and back). The front can be opened to access the clock mechanism. No more than 50 copies were made.
The clock and mirror were also made separatly.
To support the UK and European tours, a tour book was made for the 1977 shows. It doesn't however feature any NOTW artwork.
A promotional shop display was made in 1977 (50 only, most of them were destroyed after the promotion had ended) for the UK and perhaps some other countries. It is the robot made of plastic which has its hands sticking out that holds a basket which can contain a few NOTW records.

above: the 1977 UK promotional mirror. Measurements are 57.5cm x 33cm

USA items
Two mirrors were made to promote the album in the USA. Both have the same design and the same image on the mirror, but they have different sizes. The first one measures 32cm x 32cm, the second one is smaller.
A puzzle was issued which, once completed, shows the front sleeve. The puzzle comes in a plastic bag with a white title strip.
To support the USA tours, two tour books were made. One for the November / December shows, one for the Spring shows. Both have NOTW artwork.
A promotional shop display was made in 1977 and features the artwork of the inside of the gatefold sleeve. It's a large (over 100cm) cardboard display with a white border which can probably be hung or stuck against a window. More info is welcome!

above: the big 1977 USA promotional mirror


above: the 1977 tour book for the November / December shows

non-promotional items
Numerous awards were presented to the band members and other important people in the music business to commemorate the sale of this album.

above: a beautiful 1978 RIAA award presented to Freddie to commemorate the sale of more than 500,000 copies of the NOTW album

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