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Yeah yeah yeah
Keep doin' it
Yeah yeah

When I was a little boy and growin' up
I didn't know myself what's left from right and what's on top

Said holding on
They said, keep, keep holding
Holding holding on

My mama told me this
She said, don't grow up too quickly
She said ba bap ba da bap ba
She said hold on, keep on
Holding on, yeah yeah yeah yeah
Mama told me
That's what she said
Keep holding babe
Holding, holding

Holding on, this time holding on
She said to me, she said to me
Keep holding on
I'm holding, I said enough keep holding
Oooh ooohooo
Ba da bap da bap da ba ba ba ba ba dap yeah yeah
Yeah oh
Holding, I said keep holding, holding

My big brother told me
He said, I don't need you as a brother man
I wanna keep holding on
That's what he said
I just keep holding, holding
Eeey ba ba ba ba ba ba bop ba ba ba bap de bop
Ba ba ba ba ba bop mmm ba ba ba ba bop ha
You do that

One more time
I keep holding on yeah
I just keep holding, holding on
Holding on, DJ
Yeah holding on, holding on
I just keep holding on, holding on
Ah my mama told me that
I gotta keep holding on yeah
Yeah hey hey hey wooohoooo ha (ha ha)

Now it's your turn babe
Go (go go)
Ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba huh huh huh
Mmm ba ba ba ba ba bop mmm ba ba ba ba ba bop
Yeah (hey)
Hang on, one

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