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[this time let it let it go forward]
[de dee da da da da da daa]

The boy had a way with word, he sang, he moved with grace
He entertained so naturally, no gesture out of place
His road in life was clearly drawn, he didn't hesitate
He played, they saw, he conquered as the master of
As the master of his fate

The girl had an iron soul that no-one could recognize
Material ambition that her gentleness disguised
She pinned to start to his it's a nolly job his fame
Wanted him for luxury for limelight and his name

I love you for your silence
I love you for your peace
The still and calm release
That sweeps into my soul
That slowly takes control

I love you for your passion
I love you for your fire
The violent desire
That strips me in it's flame
A love a love I dare not name

His rise was irresistible, he grew into the part
His explanation simply that he suffered for his art
No base considerations of some glittering reward
The prize was knowing da da da da da daa

[slow down]

Accepting every honour with a masterly display
Of well rehearsed reluctance to be singled out this way
He started to believe that he was all that said and more
When she forgot the reasons she had wanted him before

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