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[simple songs aren't easy]
[it's good fun ey? .... haha]
[nooo -laughter-]
[but are you sure you're not too tired, you're not tired, you're not tired now huh you must rest a little]
[you want me to, I'm going?]
[no no no I don't want you to go]
[I just, I think you need rest]
[I sound so terrible]
[nooo -laughter-]
[I can sing till six o clock in the morning]
[try, try this, ok just, try and show the uhm]
[the duet]

Oooohoooo [do you like that?]
Oooohoooo [play chords after, play chords when he comes in]
Oooohoooo ooohoooo
De de de dee da deee de
Do do do doo doo doo dooo
Wohoo woohoohoohooo
[... right?]
De da do ohohohohoo
Yea hohoo hoo
Hooohooo hoo hoo
Mi amore de da de da de da
De da de de de de de de de
Aaaah hoooooo de de de de de

[God she goes on forever]
[it's so complicated]
When we talk about love...

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