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My love is dangerous dangerous my love is dangerous
Always makes you bleed always makes you bleed
Always makes you bleed love is dangerous yeah

Don't follow in my footsteps you don't belong to me
You only make a mistake (don't) don't try and understand me
Don't try and understand me all I'm trying to say

My love is dangerous dangerous love is dangerous hey
Make everybody cry everybody cry
Everybody cry love is dangerous huh

Don't waste your time with loving love don't work for me
Don't try to show your feelings step carefully
Step carefully all I'm trying to say

Love is dangerous because I'm your enemy
Watch your step carefully
Hey doh doh doh doh doh do-bab
Dangerous watch your step carefully
I'm your worst enemy next day no

You will be dangerous yeah ooo dangerous love is dangerous
Love is dangerous yeah
All I'm really trying to say to you love is dangerous

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