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This page features the awards won by this site over the past years.

killer queen site award

Queen Picture Hall has won the Killer Queen Site Award for Best Sleeves! You received lots of votes then I checked your site to make sure it was deserving. It was. Congratulations!
Your site will be permanently featured on the KQ Awards page, as well as on the Queen Links Database.
Unfortunatly this site doesn't exists anymore

true champion award

My congratulations to you! Your Site has struck me, I believe you worked hard on it. Excellent contents, great images, perfect design. Since this day, you are True Champion!
Unfortunatly this site doesn't exists anymore

#queenfan web design excellence award

There's a ton of Queen sites on the net. Many of them are crappy looking sites that have the same info as everyone else. I want to tell you what a pleasure it was to see your very beautifully designed and well laid out site that is easy to navigate and a real pleasure to look at. This is one of the special Queen sites on the net and I am very very happy to give you the #QueenFan Web Design Excellence Gold Award. Congratulations on your wonderful site and keep up the good work.
Unfortunatly this site doesn't exists anymore

queen greatest sites de argentina queen

There are no comments
Unfortunatly this site doesn't exists anymore

the official icelandic queen award

You have won The Official Icelandic Queen Award from www.Queen2000.com
Your site is one of the great Queen web sites
Unfortunatly this site doesn't exists anymore

the best 50 queen sites 2001 winner - most votes

Here is your reward for having the most people vote for your site.
Well done, and thank you for taking part!

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