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Third solo album by Roger Taylor. Released in 1994 on LP, CD and cassette. The LP release has a printed innersleeve with lyrics and photos.
There was a numbered (2000 copies only) and unnumbered LP issue and a numbered (5000 only) and unnumbered CD issue.
The UK had a four track promo cassette sampler with a demo of Nazis 1994 (also called the Banned Version) and Dear Mr. Murdoch.
Japan had a unique CD promo issue featuring a demo version of Dear Mr. Murdoch and the bonus track Final Destination. Only a dozen should have been made.


above: the front and back sleeves of the numbered UK LP issue

above: the front sleeve of the Dutch cassette issue


above: the front and back sleeves of the Dutch CD issue

Album info
LP tracklisting
  Side One:
  1. Nazis 1994 (Taylor) 2:35 *
  2. Happiness (Taylor) 3:18 * **
  3. Revelations (Taylor) 3:44 * #
  4. Touch The Sky (Taylor) 5:05 * **
  5. Foreign Sand (Taylor/Yoshiki) 6:54
  6. Freedom Train (Taylor) 6:12 * **
  Side Two:
  7. 'You Had To Be There' (Taylor) 2:56 *
  8. The Key (Taylor) 4:26 * # **
  9. Everybody Hurts Sometime (Taylor) 2:53 * ##
10. Loneliness... (Taylor) 2:25 *
11. Dear Mr. Murdoch (Taylor) 4:20 * **
12. Old Friends (Taylor) 3:33 * # ** ##

Promo cassette tracklisting
  Side One:
  1. Nazis 1994 (Demo) (Taylor)
  2. Happiness (Taylor)
  3. Revelations (Taylor)
  4. Dear Mr. Murdoch (Demo) (Taylor)
  Side Two:

Liner notes
Produced by Roger Taylor

Co-produced and engineered by Joshua J. Macrae
Mixed by Roger Taylor and Joshua J. Macrae

All songs written by Roger Taylor
Except 'Foreign Sand' written by Roger Taylor and Yoshiki

Roger Taylor: drums, vocals, guitars and stuff
Jason Falloon: guitars *
Phil Spalding: bass #
Mike Crossley: piano and keyboards **
Catherine Porter: backing vocals ##
Joshua J. Macrae: programming
Drums by Ludwig. Cymbals by Zildjia. Guitars by Fender
Recorded at Cosford Mill on two Sony PCM 3324s' digital
mastered by Chris Blair at Abbey Road

Except 'Foreign Sand'
Yoshiki: arrangement, drums, piano and synthesizer
Roger Taylor: vocals
Jim Cregan: guitars
Phil Chen: bass
Dick Marx: strings arrangement
Brad Buxer and Geoff Grace: programming
Produced by Yoshiki and Roger Taylor
Mixed by Rich Breen
Recorded by Rich Breen and Mick Ging
Assistant engineered by Mike Stock and Tal Miller
A&R directed by Hiro Inoguchi (Toshiba EMI)
Recorded and mixed at One On One Recording, L.A.

Thanks to:
Debbo, Rory Eleanor, Felix Luther, Rufus Tiger,
Gerry Stickells, Peter Chant, Efm, Hhb, Louise for her
laughter, Harris Grant associates, Tickle Music, Steve
Prior, all the guys at the Mill, Ian Southwell and Kevin
Jacobs of Metropolis Studios, Jim Fifield and all at EMI.

Management: Jim Beach
Nightjar Productions Ltd: Sally Hyatt
Personal assistant to Roger Taylor: Martin Groves

Further information:
Official Fan Club:
The Old Bakehouse, 16a High Street, Barnes, London SW13

Nightjar Productions Ltd:
46 Pembridge Road, London W11 3HN

Publicity: Roxy Meade, Scott Riseman, Lipsey Meade,
22 Stephenson Way, London NW1 2HD

For Yoshiki / Foreign Sand:
Management: Japan Music Agency
Executive producers:
Kei Ishizaka (Toshiba EMI),
Kaz Utsunomiya (Virgin Record U.S.A.),
Jim Beach,
Doc McGhee (McGhee Entertainment),
Yukitaka Mashimo (Japan Music Agency)
Special thanks to: Toshi, Hide, Pata and Heath from x
Japan, Extasy America Inc. (Masa Sato, EMI, Michelle,
Riki, Nagata), drum doctor (Ross), all staff at One On One
Recording and Japan Music Agency.

Design by Roger Taylor and Richard Gray
Photography by Richard Gray, Simon Fowler,
George Taylor and art directors photo library

"everything exists in limited quantity -
especially happiness"... Picasso.

Dedicated to the Tasmanian tiger -
Thylacinus Cynocephalus...

But most especially... for Freddie

Single releases
Nazis 1994
Foreign Sand

Other notes

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