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Released in 1987 in Germany (LP, CD and cassette) and Brazil (LP) only.
Three versions of the LP issue exist: the LP version below, one with a different picture on the front in the left bottom corner (like the CD issue below) and a Club pressing with some extra subtitles.


above: the front and back sleeves of the German LP issue


above: the front and back sleeves of the German cassette issue


above: the front and back sleeves of the German CD issue

Album info
  Side One:
  1. Joe Cocker: Now That You're Gone (Lage/Dehm/Carey/Cocker) 4:15
  2. Talk Talk: Why Is It So Hard? (Hollis) 4:03
  3. Anne Haigis: Pictures Of Paradise Lost (M: Carey/Desoi, T:Carey/Boskohl) 4:35
  4. Klaus Lage Band & Albert Mangelsdorff: Zabou (Lage/Dehm) 3:52
  5. Argandoña: Sailors (Argandoña) 3:57
  6. Purple Schulz: The Vision (M: Hoff/Piek/Schulz, T: Hoff/Barry) 4:35
  7. Robbie Nevil: Time Waits For No One (Nevil/Lieberman/Goldenberg) 5:21
  Side Two:
  8. Freddie Mercury & Jo Dare: Hold On (M: Mack, T: Mercury) 3:38
  9. Tina Turner: A Change Is Gonna Come (Cooke) 4:07
10. T. Graham Brown: Later Train (Nicholson/Hellard) 3:22
11. Danny Deutschmark & Klaus Lage: Desperado (Deutschmark) 3:40
12. Next Big Error: Big Shot (M: Reisner/Junker/Weber, T: Reis./Jun./Wissing/Weber) 3:42
13. Wolf Maahn: Born Beautiful (M: Maahn, T: Maahn/Barry) 4:41
14. Klaus Lage Band: Nie Wieder Kind (Lage/Dehm, Arr: Deutschmark) 3:52

Liner notes

Single releases
Hold On
and probably more...

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