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Released in October 2002 worldwide featuring Queen songs played by the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra. The album was released with a black slipcase which looks the same as the front and back sleeves.


above: the front and back sleeves of the slipcase of the European CD issue

Album info
  1. I. Adagio Misterioso - Allegro Con Brio - Maestoso - Misterioso - Allegro 10:37
      Radio Ga Ga - The Show Must Go On - One Vision - I Was Born To Love You
  2. II. Allegretto - Allegro Scherzando - Tranquillo 7:35
      Love Of My Life - Another One Bites The Dust - Killer Queen
  3. III. Adagio 7:14
      Who Wants To Live Forever - Save Me
  4. IV. Allegro Vivo - Moderato Cantabile - Cadenza - A Tempo Primo 9:50
      Bicycle Race - Save Me
  5. V. Andante Doloroso - Allegretto - Alla Marcia - Moderato Risoluto - Pastorale -
      Maestoso 12:54
      Bohemian Rhapsody - We Will Rock You - We Are The Champions - Who Wants To
      Live Forever

  6. VI. Andante Sostenuto 9:11
      We Are The Champions - Bohemian Rhapsody - Who Wants To Live Forever

Liner notes
Composed and Conducted by Tolga Kashif
Orchestrated by Julian Kershaw

Royal Philharmonic Orchestra (Leader: Rolf Wilson)
London Voices (Director: Terry Edwards)
London Oratory School Schola (Director: Michael McCarthy)

Piano: John Lenehan · Violin (Movement III): Nicola Loud · Cello (Movement III): François Rive

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