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Released in 2001 on CD and cassette in the USA.
It was released in Japan and Europe a few months later on CD and cassette.
This soundtrack album features the Queen track We Will Rock You and the new recorded track We Are The Champions, by Robbie Williams, Brian and Roger.


above: the front and back sleeves of the Bulgarian cassette issue


above: the front and back sleeves of the USA CD issue

Album info
  1. Queen: We Will Rock You (May) 2:02
  2. War: Low Rider (Allen/Brown/Dickerson/Jordan/Miller/Oskar/Scott/Goldstein) 3:10
  3. Bachman-Turner Overdrive: Takin' Care Of Business (Bachman) 4:49
  4. David Bowie: Golden Years (Bowie) 3:27
  5. Heart: Crazy On You (Wilson/Wilson/Fisher) 4:50 *
  6. Eric Clapton: Further On Up The Road (Robey/Veasey) 4:29
  7. Rare Earth: Get Ready (Robinson) 2:50
  8. Sly & The Family Stone: I Want To Take You Higher (Stewart) 5:20
  9. Thin Lizzy: The Boys Are Back In Town (Lynott) 4:28
10. Carter Burwell: One Of Your Own (Helgeland) 1:53
11. Robbie Williams + Queen: We Are The Champions (Mercury) 3:54
12. Dan Powell: Pieces (Powell/Smalley) 3:28 *
13. Third Eye Blind: Eye Conqueror (Jenkins/Salazar) 4:07 *

Liner notes
* Bonus Tracks not featured in film

Rock & Roll, From the very start it was what A Knight's Tale
and the characters of William Thatcher and his Medieval band
mates were all about.

Youth. Identity. Freedom.

Buddy you're a boy make a big noise
Playin' in the street gonna be a big man someday...

I couldn't say it any better than Queen did way back when. So
why even try? Just get out of the way and let these boys rock.
Because what they have to say holds as true today as it ever did.

Rock & Roll is the musical voice of this movie. It celebrates the
youth in all of us. It makes us feel instead of think. It forces
feet to move and hands to come together. It's the music you
change your stars by. And it always will be.

Brian Helgeland

Single releases

Other notes
Thanks to Vlad Taushanov for the sleeves of the Bulgarian cassette issue.

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