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Promotional four disc set to promote the 1991 remastered CD and cassette issues in the USA. All four CD's were issued individually and as a boxed set (housed in a carton drawer system). Also released on four cassettes (individually only).
All CD's come without a front sleeve, but do have a back sleeve. The cassettes have a front sleeve (which is the back sleeve of a CD).

currently no sleeve available

Album info
  Volume 1
  1. Tie Your Mother Down (May)
  2. Stone Cold Crazy (Queen)
  3. Under Pressure (Queen/Bowie)
  4. We Will Rock You (May)
  5. Sheer Heart Attack (Taylor)
  6. Get Down, Make Love (Mercury)

  Volume 2
  1. Keep Yourself Alive (May)
  2. Modern Times Rock 'N' Roll (Taylor)
  3. Crazy Little Thing Called Love (Mercury)
  4. One Vision (Queen)
  5. Fat Bottomed Girls (May)
  6. Need Your Loving Tonight (Deacon)
  7. Liar (Mercury)

  Volume 3
  1. Bohemian Rhapsody (Mercury)
  2. You're My Best Friend (1991 Remix) (Deacon)
  3. I'm In Love With My Car (1991 Remix) (Taylor)
  4. Seven Seas Of Rhye (Mercury)
  5. I Want It All (Single Version) (Queen)
  6. Flash (May)
  7. Let Me Entertain You (Mercury)
  8. The Hitman (Queen)

  Volume 4
  1. One Vision (Live) (Queen)
  2. Killer Queen (Mercury)
  3. Play The Game (Mercury)
  4. We Will Rock You (1991 Remix) (May)
  5. We Are The Champions (Mercury)
  6. Dragon Attack (May)
  7. Hammer To Fall (May)
  8. Headlong (Queen)

Liner notes

Single releases
none (although several promo CD-singles were released)

Other notes

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