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Nice live album which is an edit of the 1979 double live album Live Killers. Only released in Brazil, Japan, New Zealand, Australia and South Africa. All countries only had an LP and cassette issue. All countries had a unique sleeve (the Japanese one featured an obi). The Brazilian copy had almost the same sleeve as the South African issue, but a slightly different tracklisting. The Japanese copy had the same sleeve as the Australian issue.
The album was called Live In Concert in New Zealand and Live in the other four countries.
The South African issue was released in 1984, the rest in 1985.


above: the front and back sleeves of the South African LP issue

Album info
  Side One:
1a. We Will Rock You (May) 3:23
1b. Let Me Entertain You (Mercury) 3:17
  2. Killer Queen (Mercury) 2:00
  3. Bicycle Race (Mercury) 1:13
  4. You're My Best Friend (Deacon) 2:05
  5. Spread Your Wings (Deacon) 5:29
  6. Keep Yourself Alive (May) 4:00
  Side Two:
  7. Don't Stop Me Now (Mercury) 4:26
  8. Bohemian Rhapsody (Mercury) 6:03
  9. Tie Your Mother Down (May) 3:40
10. Sheer Heart Attack (Taylor) 3:33
11. We Are The Champions (Mercury) 3:34

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