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Re-issued in Korea in 2002 as Gold in a unique gold box set with two CD's. Two issues are known: one with Greatest Hits (normal track listing and normal black sleeve) and a unique special CD called Special CD, and one with the Greatest Hits album called I (with a gold sleeve) and the same unique special CD, but this time called II. Differences between the two issues, when the outer box is sealed, can be told from the bar code. The second issue has a white rectangle around the code, the first issue not.


above: the front of the outer box and front sleeves of the CD's of the second Korean CD issue

Album info
  Disc One:
  1. Bohemian Rhapsody (Mercury) 5:52
  2. Another One Bites The Dust (Deacon) 3:32
  3. Killer Queen (Mercury) 2:59
  4. Fat Bottomed Girls (May) 3:21
  5. Bicycle Race (Mercury) 2:59
  6. You're My Best Friend (Deacon) 2:50
  7. Don't Stop Me Now (Mercury) 3:29
  8. Save Me (May) 3:48
  9. Crazy Little Thing Called Love (Mercury) 2:41
10. Somebody To Love (Mercury) 4:53
11. Now I'm Here (May) 4:12
12. Good Old-Fashioned Lover Boy (Mercury) 2:53
13. Play The Game (Mercury) 3:28
14. Flash (May) 2:46
15. Seven Seas Of Rhye (Mercury) 2:47
16. We Will Rock You (May) 2:00
17. We Are The Champions (Mercury) 3:00

  Disc Two:
  1. Under Pressure (Queen/Bowie) 4:03
  2. Radio Ga Ga (Taylor) 5:46
  3. I Want To Break Free (Single Version) (Deacon) 4:18
  4. Body Language (Mercury) 4:32
  5. Action This Day (Taylor) 3:32
  6. Love Of My Life (Mercury) 3:34
  7. Dragon Attack (May) 4:18
  8. The Great Pretender (Ram) 3:26
  9. Barcelona (Single Version) (Mercury/Moran) 4:25
10. '39 (May) 3:30
11. I Was Born To Love You (Mercury) 4:49
12. Too Much Love Will Kill You (May/Musker/Lamers) 4:20
13. God Save The Queen (Trad. Arr. May) 1:12

Liner notes

Single releases

Other notes
Please note that tracks 8 and 9 from disc two are solo songs.

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