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Released in 1991 on LP, CD and cassette.
The UK has a unique promo box set with the normal CD album and some promo stuff. An other promo box set contains a special video and promotional information (25 copies made only?).
The LP has edited versions and a different tracklisting.
A promotional UK LP copy was made with printed signatures on the front sleeve.
The Hungarian LP issue has the normal CD tracklisting (but edited versions) and no printed innersleeve.
Holland has a special CD edition with a slipcase and a 1991 calendar.
A one-sided promo cassette was released in January 1991 called Hints Of Innuendo. It features edited versions of the Innuendo album plus some demo versions.
Sweden has a unique promo cassette sampler with a unique sleeve.
Ecuador has a pink LP back sleeve.
Re-issued in Japan on CD in 2001 with improved sound quality. A misspressed mono issue was issued and immediatly withdrawn after its release.
Re-issued in Japan on CD in 2004 with a card sleeve (using the 2001 remasters). The package also includes a mini innersleeve like the original UK vinyl issue. Released in Europe on July 12 2004 (including obi's and Japanese lyrics sheet).


above: the front and back sleeves of the UK LP issue

above: the front sleeve of the UK cassette promo

above: the front sleeve of the Swedish cassette promo


above: the front and back sleeves of the USA cassette issue


above: the front and back sleeves of the Dutch CD issue


above: the front and back sleeves and the disc of the Japanese 2004 CD issue

Album info
LP tracklisting
  Side One:
  1. Innuendo (Queen) 6:31
  2. I'm Going Slightly Mad (Queen) 4:06 *
  3. Headlong (Queen) 4:30 *
  4. I Can't Live With You (Queen) 4:05 *
  5. Ride The Wild Wind (Queen) 4:43
  Side Two:
  6. All God's People (Queen/Moran) 3:55 *
  7. These Are The Days Of Our Lives (Queen) 3:55 *
  8. Delilah (Queen) 3:33
  9. Don't Try So Hard (Queen) 3:33 *
10. The Hitman (Queen) 3:43 *
11. Bijou (Queen) 1:19 *
12. The Show Must Go On (Queen) 4:27 *

CD tracklisting
  1. Innuendo (Queen) 6:31
  2. I'm Going Slightly Mad (Queen) 4:22
  3. Headlong (Queen) 4:38
  4. I Can't Live With You (Queen) 4:34
  5. Don't Try So Hard (Queen) 3:39
  6. Ride The Wild Wind (Queen) 4:43
  7. All God's People (Queen/Moran) 4:21
  8. These Are The Days Of Our Lives (Queen) 4:16
  9. Delilah (Queen) 3:35
10. The Hitman (Queen) 4:57
11. Bijou (Queen) 3:37
12. The Show Must Go On (Queen) 4:36

cassette promo sampler
  Side One:
  1. All God's People (Queen) 1:18
  2. The Show Must Go On (Queen) 1:36
  3. Innuendo (Queen) 3:07
  4. Ride The Wild Wind (Queen) 1:20
  5. Bijou (Queen) 1:02
  6. Headlong (Queen) 1:03
  7. I'm Going Slightly Mad (Queen) 1:12
  8. I Can't Live With You (Queen) 1:23
  9. These Are The Days Of Our Lives (Queen) 0:51
10. Don't Try So Hard (Queen) 1:31
11. Hitman (Queen) 0:55
12. Delilah (Queen) 1:18
  Side Two:

Liner notes
* Edited versions for vinyl

Produced by Queen and David Richards

Management: Jim Beach

Album engineered by: David Richards

Assistant engineers: Noel Haris and Justin Shirley-Smith

Album recorded at Metropolis Studios, London, England
and Mountain Studios, Montreux, Switzerland
Album mastered at The Townhouse by: Kevin Metcalf

Studio equipment co-ordination: Brian Zellis and Martin Groves

All music and lyrics by Queen
except 'All God's People' written by Queen and Mike Moran

All instruments played by Queen:-
Freddie Mercury (lead vocals and keyboards)
Brian May (guitars, keyboards, harmonies and vocals)
Roger Taylor (drums, percussion, keyboards, harmonies
and vocals)
John Deacon (bass guitar and keyboards)

Keyboards on 'All God's People' by Mike Moran
on 'Innuendo':- Additional Wandering Minstrel Spanish Guitar -
Somewhere In The Middle - by Steve Howe.
Many thanks Steve

Computer programming: David Richards

Album sleeve design: Queen and Richard Gray
Illustrations by Grandville (1803-1847)
Additional illustrations by Angela Lumley
Photography by Simon Fowler

Drums and percussion exclusively by Ludwig
Cymbals by Zildjian
Maxima guitar strings supplied by Brazen Rock

Publicity: Roxy Meade,
Lipsey Meade PR, 95 Mortimer Street, London W1

Queen Office: Julie Glover

Specials thanks to: Vicky Vocat, Andre Gauchat,
Karen Goodman, Peter Chant, Terry Giddings,
Gerry Stickells, Melanie Martin, Valerie Moss,
Sally Temple, Ian Sylvester, Jerry Hibbert,
Rudi Dolezal, Hannes Rossacher, Ina Meibach
Mark Christopher and all at Metropolis,
C-Lab software and Sound Technology.
And: Peter Paterno, Rupert Perry, and everyone at
Hollywood Records and EMI Records worldwide.

Queen International Fan Club: Jacky Gunn,
46 Pembridge Road, London W11 3HN, England.

Single releases
I'm Going Slightly Mad
The Show Must Go On
These Are The Days Of Our Lives

Other notes
The different versions on the promo cassettes are:
  track 6 is a 'rough' version containing some instrumental parts and no backing vocals.
  track 10 has a very slightly different ending.
  track 11 is a demo version sung by Brian.
  track 12 is a demo version with different lyrics and instruments.
Since 1989 all Queen tracks are credited by "Queen" and not by a band member. However, most tracks were started by one member rather than the whole band. Below you will find a list with the actual writers of the songs:
  Innuendo: Freddie Mercury
  I'm Going Slightly Mad: Freddie Mercury
  Headlong: Brian May
  I Can't Live With You: Brian May
  Don't Try So Hard: Freddie Mercury and Brian May
  Ride The Wild Wind: Roger Taylor
  All God's People: Freddie Mercury and Mike Moran
  These Are The Days Of Our Lives: Roger Taylor
  Delilah: Freddie Mercury
  The Hitman: Freddie Mercury
  Bijou: Freddie Mercury
  The Show Must Go On: lyrics by Brian May, music by John Deacon and Roger Taylor
  Lost Opportunity: Brian May (a B-side)
All God's People was originally written for the Barcelona album in 1988.
Headlong and I Can't Live With You were originally written for one of Brian's solo albums.

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